Daisy's Place Restaurant – Sunshine Coast

About The Restaurant

Nestled among the towering sea of green and playing host to a light orchestra of whip-birds, kookaburras and bower-birds is Daisy’s Place. This epicurean oasis, rooted deep in local folklore and now shimmering into a new existence, is set to enchant the palettes of locals and weary travelers alike.

The experience begins with a delectable décor. Inside, a splash of urban chic indulgence walks through to a relaxed outdoor setting creating a unique dining ambiance. Tables are meticulously set, lighting adjusted to create the mood, maitre d’ and waiters hover close by catering to the wanting whim. Crisp country air fills every inch with freshness while a faint aromatic whiff from the well tended herb garden out back permeates the nostrils hinting of good things to come. Which brings us to what our fine eatery is all about.

At the heart of Daisy’s Place’s gastronomic evolution are a few simple key ingredients. Only the absolute freshest of local area grown produce is carefully selected each and every day before it ever graces our kitchen. The finest of local and international wines fit for the most discerning palettes are chosen to perfectly complement our menu before they make it to our cellar. And each and every one of our staff from front of house to back has been cherry-picked by our fastidious owner Sue Joseph.

With a Mediterranean inspired modern Australian cuisine, our Master chefs create sumptuous dishes that cater for a diversity of palettes – from the culinary connoisseur to the hearty hunger to a light delicious munch.

So if you have a hankering for a lightly seared Tasmanian scallop drizzled with an orange and jalapeno jus, or you’re hungering for a juicy gourmet grain-fed 200 gram beef burger smothered with caramelised onion and hand-cut sea-salted chips on the side or simply desperate for a refreshing Devonshire tea, then Daisy’s Place is the place.

Daisy’s Story

Daisy’s Place will always have a special place in the hearts of locals and travellers who have ventured their way along the Sunshine Coast.

Built back in the 1923 by ‘Daisy’ Emma Johnson and her husband Samuel Dorrington Johnson, it began life as The Rustic Cabin offering home-made pies and Devonshire teas. It was a place where all walks of life could enjoy a lovingly prepared snack in theshady Jowarra Scenic Park.

Sadly, Sam died in 1945 leaving Daisy to look after their home and business. It was a time of great sadness in Daisy’s life as their only daughter had died at the age of ten just eight years earlier. Things changed again a bit for Daisy when the Bruce Highway was re-aligned in the 1960’s. It would mean the Rustic Cabin would move from its original site to where it stands today.

The iconic landmark would suffer it’s biggest loss when it was announced that one of the Sunshine Coast’s most famous pioneers, Daisy Emma Johnson died at the age of 85 on the 27th of January 1978.Ownership passed through a number of hands since but it would never be the same without Daisy.

Folklore of the area tells the story of ‘Captain Piper’ the Aborigine who murdered the botanist Stephens around mid 1866 and threw his body into Dead Man’s Waterhole, which is part of Jowarra Scenic Park.

Undoubtedly, Daisy’s Place really does have a history.

About Sue Joseph

Sue’s a spirited lass with a passion for life that’s undeniably infectious. Her big smile arms open warmth is certainly part of the appeal of Daisy’s Place. It may have something to do with her down-to-earth upbringing but it is that endearing quality that is the essence of her vision for the place. “I love seeing people enjoying themselves and have a part to play in putting a big satisfied smile on their faces. What more could you want in life” she chortles.

Sue has a little history of her own in the area. As a young girl, she spent long days strapping horses for owners at the local stables. Even back then, a bond with Daisy’s Place began when it was The Rustic Cabin as the family would regularly drop in for soda and the yummiest scones on the coast.

With a sleeves-up attitude and her nose to the grindstone, working four jobs at one stage, Sue’s entrepreneurial nature began to bear fruit.

Even while she is now owner and director of the highly successful Bassett Barks, Sue remains truly grounded.

“Daisy’s Place is not all about me” she says. “We’re paying homage to a truly great lady who originally owned and almost single-handedly ran the Rustic Cabin. It will always be huge part of the local community and keep giving travellers a place to enjoy themselves for many years to come.”

Sue began the venture and vision to rebuild in October 2010. Focus, commitment and a fire in the belly has breathed brand new life into the old place. It’s a new beginning, a new offering, a new experience but there’s still a lot of the old Daisy in Daisy’s Place.

Click here to watch a mini-documentary about the history of Daisy’s Place and the renovations.